Maureen Baxter, M.D. has spent her career as a radiologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of women, including serving as the Director of Women’s Imaging at the largest breast center in Oregon for seven years. She believes in meeting patients where they are, and practicing with a focused, individualized approach.  She finds Women’s Imaging and Intervention the perfect environment for such patient-oriented care.
Dr. Baxter has served on numerous committees advocating for early and consistent screening for breast cancer.  She has engaged in outreach educating both providers and patients about various aspects of breast imaging and disease including screening options, the risks associated with dense breast tissue, and management of various pathologic diagnoses.
Dr. Baxter received her undergraduate degree from Colgate University in New York. She received her medical degree from University of Colorado Health Sciences Center before returning to her home state and completing her residency and fellowship at Oregon Health Sciences University.
Dr. Baxter grew up ski racing and still enjoys hitting the slopes, albeit at a slower pace.  She enjoys pottery, hiking, mountain biking, and above all spending time with her husband and two children. 

        Dr. Maureen O Baxter

 Dr. Amy Thurmond

Womens Imaging & Intervention (WII) is committed to providing individualized, innovative, healthcare to our patients. Our center offers treatment of the whole person, including breast and other imaging services. Our Radiologists, Dr. Amy Thurmond, Dr. Robert Seapy and Dr. Maureen Baxter have been community leaders in women’s imaging for over 30 years. The Radiologists, as well as the Technologists, are closely involved in the diagnostic exam of each patient. WII is unique in that most mammograms are read by the Radiologist at the time of the appointment with results given to the patient the same day if requested.   If additional imaging is being recommended, this can be scheduled while the pateint is present or, time permitting, performed on the same day.

About Us

Amy S. Thurmond, M.D. brings 25 years excellence in Women's Imaging. Dr. Thurmond's professional accomplishments include international recognition for her research and continuing work in women's health and reproductive issues, including development of Fallopian Tube Recanalization, a nonsurgical treatment of infertility. She has had numerous publications, editorials and awards, and regularly presents her research at scientific meetings. Her most important work is the day to day diagnosis of breast problems, abnormal vaginal bleeding, infertility, and other pelvic and pregnancy issues.

After graduating from UCLA Medical School in 1982, Dr. Thurmond completed an internship in surgery at Oregon Health Sciences University, a fellowship in cardiology at St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, and both a residency in radiology and a fellowship in interventional radiology/research at OHSU. She was the Director of both Women's Imaging and Ultrasound at OHSU until 1993, worked as a staff radiologist at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital until 2005, and helped found EPIC West in 2000 working there until 2010.

Dr. Thurmond owns "Bill's Old Fashion Service" in Lake Oswego with one of her four children, plays trumpet in the band Kode Bluuz, and dabbles in chicken raising, basketball, and flowers.